Baxi's summer holiday 2019

Here are the first set of pictures from our trip to England!

Baxi's summer holiday 2019

Just over a week ago Baxi and I returned from England. We left Sunday 30 June, drove to Dunkerque and sailed to England. We were in Wales three yrs ago and an experience wiser, I decided to spend a day and a half on the journey to Dunkerque. The plan was to arrive there early afternoon and spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach. Well, plans don't always work out. Due to traffic we arrived late, and due to the weather (strong winds and sand in our eyes) we only stayed for an hr or so. Nevertheless, a great walk and good experience.

We stayed in England for two and a half weeks before we drove back. First we went down south to visit my cousin, his wife and their dog, Bernie, near Brighton, and after a few fantastic days there (Baxi and Bernie got along soooo well), we drove to the north of Suffolk - actually just 200 metres from the border to Norfolk. There I had rented a cottage for us that had an ideal location for walks, small historic towns and villages and just 45 min from Norwich and an hour from the sea. We both thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and meeting up with another cousin, her husband and two sons (Baxi loved playing in their garden!).

Finally, our journey came to an end and it was time to drive back home. Delayed in lots of congestion along our route, but we arrived home Sat afternoon, early enough to go for a walk and empty the car and sort out luggage.

Who knows if we will be able to make such a journey again with Brexit on its way ...

More about our adventures later and more pictures ...

Click here for the first set of pictures!

New friends

Here's Baxi with his new friends, Jody and Vicky, in the afternoon sunset. He had a ball with them for almost a week.

Meeting Loki and Sylvia

Three years ago I was in Spain with my mum and had a blast of a vacation with our friends, Sylvia and Jørgen, there. For the first time since then I got to got to see Sylvia again. It was in a different house so it took some time to recognise her. But then that’s what it’s like when I go on holiday and see my mum again. I’m always back home before I remember who she is and why she is in my life. 

Well anyway, I got to meet Sylvia again. She had brought a puppy that was going to be picked up by his new family in two days. He was almost as big as me, only 10 weeks old. Yes, I’m telling you the truth! Loki was gigantic but cute as a button. 

I tried to teach him different things. First, it’s always fun to be outside running. Loki just stood there watching me demonstrate how that’s done. I, on the other hand, blast around the garden getting all wet in the rain. Loki didn't want to get his feet wet though, or was it just the tingling sensation of grass between his toes? Then I showed him how to play ball. I am the local dribbling champ - I drop the ball and catch it all the way across the patio. I don't know if Loki noticed - he didn't try to imitate me. Only a couple of times did he take the ball and walk away with it. Hmm … what happened to running!? 

Then Loki was tired and took a nap, a loooong nap. When I was his age, I only power napped, and then I was ready for more adventure. Now that I’m four, my naps are longer, but I dare my mum to ask me if I want to go for a walk!! In a nano sec I am at the door waiting. I had a great time at Sylvia’s. And she said we are welcome to come visit them in Spain again … I hope we will soon.

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