Baxi's retirement scheme

Baxi will be 8 on 16 May 2021 and he is now in the process of retiring. This means that we will work in the Danish Kennel Club obedience programme as long as he can and wants to.

LP2: 262/280 points (26-06-2021)

LP1: 187/200 points (02-05-2021)

 SPH1 (IFH1) 86 p passed 29 May 2018
- Fantastic photo by Hanne Rasmussen

SPH1 (IFH1) 86 p passed 29 May 2018
- Fantastic photo by Hanne Rasmussen

DKK LP 1 + LP 2 (May-June 2021)

DKK unofficial rally novice (Nov 2020): 96 p.

Accomplishments in the working programme approved by the Danish Kennel Club and organised by the working breed clubs.

The trials are IPO exercises. I limit Baxi's work to tracking and obedience.

IFH1/SPH1 (Apr 2018): 86 p.

SL1 (Aug 2016): 96-77 =173 p.

BH/FP (Apr 2015): Pass

Beg.prøve AB (Sept 2014): 81-91 = 172 p.

Beg.prøve B (July 2014): 88 p.

Accomplishments in the DcH programme:

A class (Apr 2019): 3rd place w/244,30 p. 

B class (Aug 2015): 6th place w/177,90 p.

B class (Apr 2015): 6th place w/171,40 p.

Accomplishments in herding:

Baxi started his first herding lesson when he was 6 months old. After 4 lessons we took a winter break and returned in the spring. Then we took a seminar with the same instructor. I returned to herding the following year after our instructor had offered to handle Baxi. 

In spring 2017, Baxi's handler tells me that he is a pleasure to work with. From the start Baxi showed excellent problem solving skills; now Baxi also displays a good understanding of most of the jobs in the take pens as well as around the shutes. He is defitely better at fetching sheep than driving - he simply seems to find it more interesting.

Late 2019/early 2020 I have had to withdraw Baxi from herding due to an old injury that recurs every time we herd. I definitely miss watching Baxi herd, and I am certain that he misses it after we visited and he instantly focused on the pens.

For videos see below.


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